Rodeo Architects




Rodeo is an interdisciplinary architectural practice founded in 2007 that has established itself in the overlap between design, strategy, and research, with a portfolio of acclaimed national and international projects.

Rodeo consists of architects, urbanists, and social scientists, in addition to a network of partners. We believe our interdisciplinary collaborative approach creates more thorough and holistic solutions to design challenges. 


At Rodeo we work on a wide variety of projects - from private housing commissions to large-scale public programs and urban design.         All projects, regardless of scale are grounded in mapping and analysis of user groups, functional requirements, and surrounding context.        We believe that our knowledge and experience with the small scale make us better equipped to securing better plans at a macro level. 


Our social science-based approach to architecture and urbanism helps us to better understand and harness the complex and interconnected processes that shape our cities, towns, and regions. For multidisciplinary work to be effective, a common understanding of the respective fields has to be developed over time. Where other practices procure external services to ensure a multidisciplinary approach in their projects, Rodeo has integrated multidisciplinary thinking into the firm to ensure enhanced communication, understanding, and knowledge production.



Focusing on environmental sustainability is not an option, it is a given. Sustainability is best achieved through the planning, development, and organisation of city structures at a macro level. Even so, a green focus needs to be integrated holistically into every aspect of a project, all the way down to the details. We feel a responsibility to help ensure a sustainable future. 

Rodeo has BREEAM sertification through Grønn byggallianse. The association's purpose is to engage the Norwegian construction industry to improve quality and environmental standards through training and environmental classification. and develops and manages BREEAM NOR - market preferred environmental rating tool for buildings.



No project is too small. We have substantial experience designing a variety of houses and dwellings for private clients. We work in close relationship with clients, from early ideas and sketches to construction site follow up. We are at the forefront of developing sustainable and long-lasting architecture for climatic changes to come.




Given Rodeo’s multidisciplinary makeup, we approach large-scale, complex building commissions from a variety of angles: via architecture, design, urbanism, and the social sciences. Our chosen approach in any given project is governed by context. When designing e.g. large-scale cultural learning environments, complex building programs - their organisation, use, and ultimately the design of buildings and spaces - are analysed and strengthened through our competence in social analysis. Through our form of interaction with user groups and stakeholders we are able to provide what we believe to be projects with greater longevity and relevance. 


Rodeo brings a multidisciplinary approach to urban planning and design, from large-scale strategic planning to urban space projects. Our close relationship to the social sciences keeps focus on quality of life for users and collective society. We understand that planning for the multiplicity of urban life requires holistic solutions: that strategy, flexibility, and creativity can be combined to develop solutions that enhance economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Areas of focus are: Urban regeneration and strategic planning - Transportation hubs and transit strategies - Waterfront development and transformation - Public space programming and urban landscapes

Services include: Developing concepts and visions - Developing Master Plans - Feasibility studies - Zoning plans, Risk assessments - Vizualisation and communication - workshops and user participation


Rodeo carries out analyses informed by an interdisciplinary approach derived from the fields of sociology, political science, urbanism, and architecture. We carry out research-oriented projects as well as consultancy work, strategically informing spatial developments on local, regional, and national levels. Our expertise and knowledge is procured by clients in both public and private sectors.

Our services include: Data collection, analysis, and recommendations on municipal, regional, and national planning levels (sentrumsplaner, kommunedelplaner, fylkesdelplaner, nasjonale veiledere etc.) - Strategic plans for physical developments - Spatial mapping and analysis - Spatial and strategic identity development for municipalities - Demographic and statistical analysis - Qualitative and quantitative research - Socio-cultural mapping and analysis - Project development and coordination. 


Service design is about designing adaptive, contextual solutions and facilitating for better user experiences through organising people, infrastructure, communication, and physical components. Rodeo works with service design on a number of levels: from our approach to large-scale spatial developments, to adapting and altering existing programs and buildings to better fit user demands. Our multidisciplinary competencies and working methods serves as an advantage when approaching and suggesting service design components in projects.