Rodeo Architects

Rodeo's international projects

We provide consultancy services to international and national stakeholders within urban development in Cities in the South. With an interdisciplinary team of architects, planners, and social scientists, our methodology creates viable results, bridging deep prodding analysis and operational plans.

Rodeo has been present in East and South Africa for a number of years, working on urban challenges as academics and practice-based consultants. We are currently expanding our geographical presence to cover cities in Central and South Asia. We have carried out projects in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and India, where we work in close collaboration with clients, stakeholders, and local partners.

Rodeo's approach

Our international work is based on and consolidates an effective methodology, which we have honed through 10 years of practice. We believe that architecture, urban design, and social science must be seen as integrated disciplines in order to create better cities for those who live there. This is especially true for cities with considerable socio-economic disparities. Every international project we engage in is thus driven by a strong conviction that our interdisciplinary approach is useful to understanding and contributing to the complex urban processes that shape cities in these regions. Our international work - and our approach to urban development challenges - is amongst others acknowledged by the Norwegian Government through their global export program for architecture.


Our focal areas

Social engagement is core to everything we do. In our international projects, we pay particular attention to equitable growth – with a focus on women and youth. The needs and expectations of the urban poor can only be resolved by making changes to the architectural and urban development processes that are intrinsically connected to the social and economic means of its residents. This is where we focus our efforts. Thematically our focal areas include: livelihoods and public health; children and youth; migration and integration.

Contributing to a discourse

Rodeo works in urban areas with compounded challenges both through direct engagement in projects, as well as through knowledge production, exchange, and sharing. Together with local and international partners we strive to combine our practice base with academic efforts. This is important to creating a resilient platform for the discussion, debate, and discourse on architecture and urban design - a platform that is vital to the future development of cities in the South.