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Job enquiries:

Elin Jore Larsen
Cand. mag. Social Sciences
Office Manager

Elin Jore Larsen holds a Cand. mag. degree in social sciences from the University of Oslo, and studied business and administration at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. Elin is the office manager with primary focus on administrative work, management support, process improvement and H.R. She has significant experience from corporate, finance and business development and is specialised in client relations, setting up business structures, KYC, management- and administration of companies.
+47 459 61 997

Timon Linderud
Human Geographer | Partner
General Manager

Timon Linderud is a human geographer and urban planner with a masters degree from the University of Oslo. He has broad experience within all levels of formal planning, spatial and sociocultural analysis, feasibility studies and impact assessment studies. He has extensive managerial and strategic experience from major Norwegian architect and engineering practices. His areas of expertise also include project management, process management, public engagement strategies and visioning.
+47 932 17 376


Thao Nguyen
Architect, MNAL
Project Manager

Thao Nguyen is an architect and an urban planner with a masters degree from NTNU. Thao's hands-on competency reflects her varied background allowing her to take on a range of project types, from large-scale urban planning, feasibility studies, concept development to competitions and small-scale housing. Before joining Rodeo in 2017, she worked for several years in various architectural and urban planning offices in Norway.
+47 916 87 105

Cecilia Carlsson
Architect, MNAL
Project Manager

Cecilia(Cia) Carlson is an architect and urban planner with a masters degree from LTH in Lund, and exchange studies at Milano Politecnico. She has several years of experience as project manager, planner and architect working on large-scale urban projects, from both the public and private sectors. Cia holds a significant design competence and knowledge in transferring an aesthetic strategy from the urban level to detailed plans and construction. Her area of expertise includes all parts of the planning field, from urban analysis and strategy development, to local participation and the formal regulatory process.
+47 980 17 114


Ivar Lyngner
Architect, MNAL | Founding Partner
Project Manager

Ivar Lyngner is an architect with a masters degree from NTNU, with exchange studies at Kunsthochschule Berlin. Ivar is experienced in every step of the architectural process, from concept development to construction documentation. Lyngner is also a competent urban planner, focusing on how the buildings, their program and the surrounding urban context strengthen each other.  As a project manager, Lyngner has led several national and international prize-winning competitions and given lectures in Norway and abroad.
+47 977 04 953

Marte Storhaug Danbolt
Architect, MNAL
Project Manager

Marte S. Danbolt holds an architectural degree from NTNU, with exchange studies at Universidad de Coimbra, Portugal. Prior to joining Rodeo in 2017, she has multiple years of work experience from leading offices in Norway, where she has participated in projects with a varied scale and complexity, from housing, kindergartens, schools and office buildings. Marte has a wide knowledge of the whole building process, with special focus on detailing, construction drawing and building site follow-up. Marte is currently expanding her expertise by participating in a post-master degree in Architectural Heritage at Oslo School of Architecture and Design.
+47 412 01 684

Anders Ese
Architect PhD | Founding Partner
Urban Development/Global South Specialist

Anders Ese holds a PhD from the Institute of Urbanism and Landscape at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and heads Rodeo's work in East and Southern Africa. He specializes in urban development in the global South, and has worked on issues related to urbanization and poverty in Eastern and Southern Africa. Ese also specializes in data collection and mapping, as well as Norwegian municipal development projects.
+255 768 99 1345 (Tanzania)
+47 991 62 035 (Norway)

Kenneth Dahlgren
Sociologist | Partner
Head of Social Science

Kenneth Dahlgren is a sociologist with a masters degree from the University of Oslo. He has broad experience with project management and development, research and analysis. His fields of expertise include organizational studies, science/technology and society, preferences and the attitude-behaviour gap, information/communication strategies, as well as social class and inequality. Dahlgren has extensive experience in data collection and analysis, both quantitative (surveys and statistics) and qualitative (interviews, observation, document studies). He has published several books on social science issues.
+47 412 13 064

Anne Bjørndal
Architect, MNAL | Partner
Head of Arcitecture and Design

Anne Gjesdal Bjørndal is an architect with a masters degree from NTNU, with exchange studies at ENSAPB in Paris. Since joining Rodeo Architects in 2013, Bjørndal has added experience and technical know-how to her already well-developed understanding of architecture and urban planning. Anne has worked closely with our social scientists organizing workshops and turning analysis into architecture and urban plans.

From 2016 Anne is applying her design skills and creativity to Rodeo's architect department as the Head of Architecture.
+47 920 93 305

Jørn Are Vigestad Berge
Architect, MNAL | Partner
Project Manager

Jørn Are Vigestad Berge is an architect with a masters degree from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Berge has experience from Norway, Liberia and Venezuela, as well as private projects and carpentry. Since Jørn Are became part of Rodeo in 2011 he has focused on detailing, construction drawing and building site follow-up and established himself as an experienced project manager. Jørn Are also has acquired knowledge on sustainable solutions and climate adaptive housing and held lectures and workshops on the subject.
+47 922 97 831


Rune Stangeland
Architect, MNAL
Project Manager

Rune Stangeland is an architect and urban planner with a masters degree from NTNU, and exchange studies at TU Delft. Rune works in the range from complex large-scale urban planning to smaller-scale infill projects. He has vast experience from early stage project development and all levels of formal planning. He has worked with municipal and private developers across Norway. Rune joined Rodeo in 2016.
+47 482 09 909

Henning Sunde
Architect, MNAL | Founding Partner
Head of Marketing

Henning Sunde is an architect with a Master’s degree from NTNU and was Rodeo's General Manager for 10 years. Sunde has specialized in the overlap between architecture and real estate, and has strengthened Rodeo's competence in this important area of architecture and planning. Sunde has worked as a project manager for OVF, one of the nations largest land owners, and he regularly holds seminars and lectures e.g. at Arkitekturdagen, Futurebuiltdagen and Oslo Urban Arena.
+47 996 40 364

Knut Schreiner
Project Manager

Knut Schreiner has a master’s degree in cultural sociology from the University of Oslo, a field preoccupied with the symbolic aspects and meanings of social life. He has a background as a rock musician on international level, and is a profiled cultural commentator in national media. He has a keen interest in the urbanization of Norwegian society and culture, and the concepts of identity, narrative and meaning in the study and understanding of places. He has experience with in-depth interviewing, participation-processes, text study and other qualitative and quantitative methods.
+47 911 73 655

Ingrid Roalsø
Architect, MNAL
Project Manager

Ingrid Roalsø has an urban and architectural degree from the Aarhus School of Architecture. Prior to joining Rodeo in 2016, she gained multiple years of experience from interdisciplinary studios both in Denmark and Norway. Roalsø’s field of expertise ranges from large scale analysis, strategic planning, urban and local development, down to urban design and temporary installations. Her focus is on the intersection of architecture, urban planning and sociology, while always placing great emphasis on incorporating the human and humane aspects at an early stage.
+47 481 89 322


Aga Skorupka
Environmental psychologist PhD
Project Manager

Aga Skorupka holds a PhD from the City University of New York in environmental psychology. The field focuses on the interaction between people and their environments (both built and natural) and Skorupka has an extensive experience from applying it in projects both in the US, Poland and Norway. She specializes in analysis that inform design and planning as well as facilitating public participation. She is in particular interested in socio-cultural sustainability, placemaking and walkability. Skorupka has also worked with complex buildings, assisting architects in understanding future users’ needs and behavior.
+47 926 69 431 

Emilie Bergrem
Architect, MNAL
Project Manager

Emilie Bergrem holds a M.Arch from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Subsequently she has added experience and knowledge through her experience from practices in multidisciplinary offices in Copenhagen, Stavanger, Berlin and Oslo. She has worked with municipal and private developers across Norway on programs spanning from single family housing, cultural institutions to large scale city planning. Bergrem has a keen interest in urban development as a powerful social tool, and in all scales of architecture she strives to develop user-friendly, clear and intuitive work with a focus on ecology and sustainability.
+47 904 06 106

Magnus Jørgensen
Architect, MNAL | Partner
Head of Urbanism and Planning

Magnus Jørgensen holds a M.Arch from NTNU Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art, with post graduate studies from the Berlage Institute. He combines knowledge from academic research and practical urban planning and manages projects in all parts of the planning field, from feasibility studies to regulation processes. Jørgensen has been leading master studios at the NTNU Department of Urban Design and Planning and lectures both in Norway and abroad. Former vice president of the National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL).
+47 957 07 231


Jennifer Taggart 

Jennifer Taggart holds a Diploma in Architecture from The Glasgow School of Art with Masters exchange studies at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. She has experience working in architecture firms in Melbourne, Australia where she focused predominantly on multi residential models for affordable and sustainable inner city housing. During her post graduate studies she was able to explore her interest in social sustainability in the build environment. Her thesis project researched and explored urban strategies and built proposals for integrated social housing for migrants and refugees.
+47 973 16 899

Anna Victoria van der Zwaag
Architect, MNAL

Anna Victoria van der Zwaaf holds a master’s degree in Architecture from NTNU with exchange studies at ETSAM in Madrid. She has experience from architecture offices in Trondheim and Madrid, working within different phases of project developement and construction site management. Through her studies she’s gained an advanced understanding of urbanism, focusing on development strategies for rural areas of Norway in her master thesis. She also holds a keen interest in the fields of preservation and transformation.
+47 994 19 313