Rodeo Architects

Rodeo overlooking Nairobi City Centre, Eastleigh, and beyond.

Rodeo overlooking Nairobi City Centre, Eastleigh, and beyond.

Rodeo have been present in East Africa through academic work for a number of years. This has enabled us to build a coherent and thorough understanding of urban developments in the region, as well as a solid network of practitioners and academics in the fields of architecture and urbanism. Through our current contact base we are now seeking to expand into practice in the region, opening an East Africa office early 2015.

As architects, urban planners, and social scientist we believe that development effects – social, economic as well as environmental – are best achieved through large-scale interventions in the urban fabric.

Our work in East Africa will focus on core issues related to architectural and urban development important to the region. These core issues are intrinsically connected to the social and economic wherewithal of its residents, and to developing cities that are both economically and environmentally sustainable.

With the growing rate of urbanisation in East Africa and elsewhere, key issues such as poverty, inequality, congestion, and environmental degradation need to be addressed in urban contexts. Together with our key partners, our core knowledge and practice base combines architecture, urban planning, social sciences, as well as environmental- and transportation studies. We believe that this combination of academics and practice is a viable business venture in East Africa, that can contribute directly and positively to development in the region.

Rodeo are currently consultants to Shelter Norway in Zimbabwe, assisting the organisation in their work with ZINAHCO, the Zimbabwean National Association of Housing Cooperatives. Housing Cooperatives in Zimbabwe, as well as in East Africa and elsewhere, are an important and viable solution for the urban poor in accessing affordable and decent housing.