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Carrying out film interviews

Carrying out film interviews

For us the ability to communicate – in a clear and convincing way – is just as important as everything else that we do.

For a project to succeed, our clients and/or their users must be able to effortlessly understand the strategies we propose based on the results of our analysis. Based on this Rodeo has established a subdivision for film production. The idea is not to replace more conventional methods for reporting – such as the written report – but supplement it with an alternative view that on the one hand lets us communicate different sides of our projects, lets people and their neighborhoods, city life and so forth come alive. And on the other; film makes it effectively easier to reach more people with our message.

It is our experience, that close cooperation between analysis and film production throughout the entire process is important. That way we grasp what elements are suitable for film, and are able to make sure that the audience – the recipients – are never lost from sight.

Here is three of our films. Above: Parklife in Moelv and The Oslo Harbour Promenade / below: Case Fredrikstad